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Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Kyler Robbins, M.S.


Confidential counseling and support for individuals with gender identity issues. Knowledge to assess and diagnose GID and write letters of recommendation for hormonal therapy and gender/sexual reassignment surgery. Use the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. Insurance accepted as full fee, sliding scale, available M-F 8:30am-4:30pm.

East Alabama Mental Health
2506 Lambert Drive
Opelika, Alabama 36801
(334) 742-2701

Montgomery Medical and Psychological Institute 

TS support group and professional services. Information distribution center for the southeast region. Monthly meetings, free professional referrals, speakers, training seminars, hot line, and an annual TS convention. Screening required of clients. Local professionals working with out members are also screened. 

P.O. Box 3361
Montgomery, AL 3510
(205) 272-2726

Tamara Pellant M.S.

none - Old listed, please call to verify


3776 Sullivan Street Suite B
Madison, AL 35758
(256) 464-9755






Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Barbara Annan, MA

Confidential counseling and support for cross-dressing and transsexual issues. Sliding scale fee

250 Cushman Street, Suite 4F
P.O. Box 73063
Fairbanks, AK 99707

(907) 457-3111




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Counseling Associates; Ginnie Monroe Grant, CISW

Individual, family and small group counseling and education for all gender issues. Insurance accepted as full fee, sliding scale, available evenings days and weekends.

5440 S. Clambake
Tempe, Arizona 85283
(602) 897-0444

Shelia Friedman Dickson, Ph.D.    

Clinical psychologist experienced in individual, couples and family TV/TS and gender identity counseling, Referrals. Uses Harry Benjamin Standards of Care.

3930 East Camelback Rd. #205
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
(602) 956-3006

C. Judy O'Donoghue, Ph.D.


3910 S. Rural Rd. Suite A-1
Tempe, AZ 85282
(480) 894-2425

Christine Petrus Grubb, Ph. D.
Licensed Psychologist 3040 E. Cactus
Suite 6
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 494-0302  

Anne Bradford Stericker PH.D.      Clinical Psychologist, Individual, Marital & Sex Therapy. AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist 1200 N. El Dorado Pl.
Suite F-640
Tucson, AZ 85715-4637
(520) 298-9746
Heather Watkinson, CISW

Personalized Counseling
P.O. Box 44325
Tucson, AZ 85733-4325
(520) 322-0122



Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Margaret Morgan-Cohen


I am a psychotherapist in Little Rock, Arkansas working with another therapist on your list.  I am seeing TG clients and have a Sliding scale fee
210 Pulaski St.
Little Rock, AR 72201


Pornthip Chalungsooth, Ed.D., LPC, CADC

I believe you must be a student or employee to use the health clinic, however Pornthip also does some therapy on her own.

No contact through e-mail because of privacy concerns.


Highly recommended!

University of Arkansas Health Center

Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday


Just leave a name and contact number at the clinic.

Location: 525 Garland (Corner Garland & Maple)

Fayetteville AR

Phone 575-5276

Ralph Hyman, Ed D, The Psychotherapy Center


210 S. Pulaski
Little Rock, AR 72201

(501) 374-3605



Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

New! Oct 2013 =

Dorota Orechwa, MFT

(Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC#51675)



I am a gender affirmative therapist and am passionate about the complexity of gender. I work to assist you in understanding yourself in a deeper way, which often leads to living a more authentic and congruent life. I view gender on a continuum and am sensitive to the stress related symptoms many gender variant / transgender persons and their families experience. I work with individuals, couples, teens and their families. I follow the WPATH Standards of Care. 

Please call me directly to discuss potentially beginning to work together. 


Office: 3179 College Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94705

phone: (510) 982-1857 




New! Re-list Oct 2013 =


Rachel Robbins, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist











I am a licensed clinical psychologist providing psychotherapy for adults, young adults, and couples. I approach this work with a collaborative style, helping people to actively participate in their therapy experience.


I provide non-judgmental supportive services for a range of sexualities including LGBTQQIA, gender fluidity, BDSM, Kink, non-monogamy, and sex workers. I specialize in working through issues with sexuality, and supporting kinky/LGBT individuals with non-sexuality concerns.


Additionally, I focus on trauma recovery, eating disorders, body image, hidden disabilities, impulse control, depression, anxiety, creating boundaries, self esteem, substance abuse, and behavior change.

I believe that therapy should be available for everybody. As part of my efforts to increase access to supportive services, I use a sliding scale fee approach for all. Please feel free to contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.

I offer a sliding scale for all clients

425 Gough St.
San Francisco, CA 94102


Suzanne Rapley, Ph. D. Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist, Diplomat, 30 years, all phases of the trans-experience, Addictions, Intimacy/relationship Issues.

May offer a Sliding scale fee - please ask.

115 W. Arrellaga St.
Santa Barbara, CA. 93101



Patrick Califia
Masters Degree, University of San Francisco, Licensed MFT in the state of California

Sliding scale fee available.

(415) 652-4624

2517 Mission Street, Suite 6, San Francisco, CA 94110

Sue Boyd, LCSW

"I work with individuals on issues of gender identity, transitioning,
being gender queer, and transgender sexuality. I also work with parents of gender variant children."

Sliding scale fee available.


2667 Camino del Rio South
Suite 301-13
San Diego, Ca 92108



 Felice Newman


I am a certified Somatic Coach and Sex Educator working with
couples and individuals.

Sliding scale fee available.

Located in Oakland, Ca. She id not submit an address 


 Roxanne Cherry, PhD

Licensed marriage family child therapist. Individual, couple, group psychotherapy, gender dysphoria, sexual orientation issues. Laguna Niguel Counseling Center
30011 Ivy Glenn Drive, Suite #220
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

949 228 2844

 Carlos H. Morales, LMFT

I am a Licensed marriage and family therapist.

Lawrence M. Tunis, Ed.D.




In his practice in San Anselmo, Larry sees adults, couples and children. He utilizes a relational, psychodynamic approach in therapy that offers a flexible, responsive, non-authoritarian, and empathetic model. Sliding scale fee available.

Larry's particular focus is on issues concerning

gender identity
grief and loss
post-traumatic stress (PTSD)


130 Greenfield Ave, Suite A
San Anselmo CA 94960


 Rhonda Smith

From the submitter:

Her office staff was pretty accommodating and Rhonda Smith is Trans friendly.

I was her first transitioning client, though she has dealt with a couple of transgendered children as well. She researched the Harry Benjamin SOC for guidance, especially for the letters. I saw a therapist that claimed to be a gender specialist and after my initial visit with each of them, I determined that I would pick Ms. Smith because she was easy to talk to, paid for by my insurance, a much shorter drive and they both had the same treatment plan in mind. The nice thing is that she is in the Inland Empire , if there are any guys in need there. The only downside is that she only works 2 days a week (Tues and Thurs afternoons) and only on Thursdays in the summer.

Inland Psychiatric Medical Group in Moreno Valley , CA .

23110 Atlantic Circle , Ste B Moreno Valley , CA 92553

(951) 243-6455

Dimensions Clinic (at the Castro-Mission Health Center)

Dr. Debra Brown - Medical Director





My name is Esteban and I'm a fellow FTM located in san Francisco. I work at a Queer Youth Health Clinic called Dimensions with over 30% trans patients and I've been looking at your site for information for years now. We do Transgender Care- Hormones/Labwork/Referrals/Counseling, etc.  We accept insurance or do sliding-scale for folks without insurance.  I just realized the clinic doesn't have any info on your page yet so I figured I'd send you the goods. 

Thank you and keep up the good work, you're helping many people!
-Esteban Rodriguez 
Outreach/ Health Worker II

3850 17th St. San Francisco, CA 94114

Appts: 415-487-7500

Info: 415-487-7589

 Koen  Keri  Baum  LMFT,  T/G Therapist   

(NOTE: Mr. Baum is also a Transman)


" I am a gender specialist as well as a couples therapy and communication expert. I work with transgendered bisexual, heterosexual, gay/lesbian, queer couples and individuals on a variety of issues including gender identity, Butch/Femme identity, s/m and other expressions of sexuality, transition, transitioning within a coupleship, and transgender sexuality on a variety of issues including gender identity, Butch/Femme identity ,s/m and other expressions of sexuality, transition and transgender sexuality. In addition, I address concerns around problem solving, anger management, spirituality, loss and self-esteem. I have an in-depth awareness around Ethnic and Cultural diversity and when working with clients take into consideration how "isms" in it's many forms may affect each individual." 

(Mr. Baum is also a Transman)


3896 24th st  S.F. C.A. 94114 


Christine Milrod / ma southern California transgender counseling none  

8235 Santa Monica blvd # 315
west Hollywood ca 90046

phone: 310.281.9658
fax: 310.874.8364



Cynthia Young, M.A. none  

1939 The Alameda
San Jose, CA

408-448-9809 is her voice mail number


Lucy Watkins Ph.D. - Psychologist


"Lucy is the longtime  partner/lover/ wife of an FTM, so she is aware of transgendered issues, transition, and she is a great clinician."


47 Quail Court, Suite 100 WALNUT CREEK, C.A. 94596  


Steve Toby, L.M.F.T. 

Sorry to report, Toby has retired  
Noreen J. Rios, M.F.T.    

I've been in private practice for over 20 years and also work for Parent Care Family Recovery center dealing with parents who have addictions. I have worked in the field of Alternative life styles and Transgenderedism for over 10 years and I'm on the referral list for the Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bisexual Center in San Diego. I work with couples, & individuals who are trying to come to grips and who are in the process of coming out with their true selves, and also work with their families and support systems helping them to understand and accept the person's gender identity and/or sexual preferences. 


4728 Iroquois Ave
San Diego, Ca 92117

(619) 583-7011


Rebecca Auge, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist
License PSY 6644


Clinical Psychologist working with patients on gender issues, gender dysphoria, gender role transition, couples issues, stress management, adults abused as children or adolescents, dysfunctional family histories, cross dressing, and related issues. Member of HBIGDA/WPATH, uses Standards of Care, a sliding scale fee.


3030 Ashby Avenue, 109A
Berkeley CA 94705

510.841.2428 or 925.426.0718

Gender & Self Acceptance Program A private personal growth counseling program providing individual, couple, and small group sessions focusing on gender, self & social acceptance, whole-self integration, coming-out, cross-dressing, HIV concerns, and ACA/ Co-dependency issues. Short & long term counseling, small group support and quarterly weekend workshops focusing on gender & acceptance/ integration issues. Sliding scale fee. Serving TSs, TVs, and other minorities. Provide professional counseling & training. GSAP, P. O. Box 424447
San Francisco, California 94142

(415) 558-8058

Gianna E. Israel Dear Nick: I just wanted to let you know the following listing on your website is no longer valid because this therapist just passed away:  Thank you very much for providing the resource listings for trans people--it's very helpful to the community. 3-6-06
Info Link Orange County Free, confidential referrals to over 3000 agencies. (714) 851-2883
Tenderloin Self-Help Center We are an innovative, non-traditional mental health program. We are a project of Central City Hospitality House. Training in peer counseling, support group facilitation, job training. We offer peer counseling, TS/TS support groups, A.A., shelter referrals and emergency medical care referrals, and other basic survival needs. We serve the Tenderloin/'South of Market' communities of San Francisco.
191 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102

(415) 554-0518

William A. Henkin, PhD


Psychotherapist and board certified sex therapist specializing in work with adults living alternative sex and gender lifestyles. Gender identity concerns and transitions, SM/DS/BD, infantilism, sexual orientation included. Individuals, significant others, couples. 1801 Bush Street, Suite 111
San Francisco, California 94109

(415) 923-1150

Gender Dysphoria Program of Orange County, Inc.

William G. Heard, PhD., Director

RETIRED - do not contact

Program for gender dysphoric persons. Evaluative and treatment techniques developed which permit extensive screening and interaction of the patient at minimum cost, integrating the patient into the mainstream society. Permits the patient to explore alternatives to sex reassignment while providing an effective support mechanism during transition, 4-block procedure consisting of intake, transition/support, surgery approval/disapproval, follow-up.
Lin Fraser  none 2538 California Street
San Francisco CA 94115

(415) 922-9240

Los Angeles Gender Center, Marie Keller, MFCC LAGC is a collaborative of mental health professionals who provide treatment for individuals and their families dealing with gender-related issues. Individual, family, group therapy and educational services related to CD/TS/lesbian/gay/bisexual issues. Screening session with psychotherapist needed. The LAGC hosts an informal drop-in gathering on the 2nd Sunday of the a month for $5 and an occasional pot luck social. Call for info.
LAGC, 1923 1/2 Westwood Bl Ste.#2
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 475-8880

Davis Fleming, MFCC Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor. Individual, family and group counseling. Therapy group for transsexuals meets every other week. Specializes in transgenderism. 6010 Wilshire Blvd. Ste.307
Los Angeles, Ca 90036

(213) 960-5275

Brad Taylor, MA, Offices of Jerome Rabow, PhD Registered Marriage Family Child Counselor Intern. Works with couples and individuals on issues related to transsexualism and cross dressing.
10350 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 310
Los Angeles, California 90025

(310) 576-5455

Transgender Counseling and Research Center Program for those in transition, their friends and relatives. Follows Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. Psychotherapy, psychological testing, referrals, group psychotherapy, TS support group, TV support group, family and friends support group.
4545 Park Boulevard, Suite 207
San Diego, California 92116

(619) 542-0088 ext 1

Anne Vitale, PhD Psychotherapist specializing in gender- related issues. Counseling Psychologist. Post-op TS (Jan. 1980). In private practice since 1984. Member of HBIGDA and Bay Area Gender Associates. I provide complete pre- and post-op psychotherapy, and make recommendations for hormonal therapy and sex reassignment surgery when applicable. Gender issues group work available and recommended. D Street Counseling Group
610 D Street
San Rafael, California 94901

(415) 456-4452

Amanda Silvestri MA, Los Angeles Gender Center MFCC Registered Intern, long time transsexual advocate, educator, lecturer, and author. Founder of the American Transsexual Education Center. My many years of both personal and professional experience can only work to your advantage. Brother, Sister, TS, TG, TV, or CD, let's work together for a life that works, the way you want it. 1923 1/2 Westwood Blvd. Ste.#2
Los Angeles, CA. 90025

(310) 475-8880


The Prince Institute, Angela Prince, PhD., Director A private transgender awareness center offering counseling, education, and support services. Individual and/or group counseling primarily for the cross-dresser/transvestite and/or his significant other. Trans-gender, human sexuality, and personal development classes, seminars, and workshops are also available. Services may be conducted through office visits, by telephone, or correspondence. P. O. Box 2916
Palm Springs, California 92263
Jeanne M. West Behavioral therapist. Experienced with the gender community. Private sessions. Confidential
450 San Antonio Road #50
Palo Alto, California 94306
(415) 494-2952
Chris Beletsis (Ph.D) none 4545 Park Blvd. Suite 207
San Diego, Ca 92116 USA


Jan Eder Psy. D. none 4545 Park Blvd, Suite 207
San Diego, Ca 92116 USA


Patricia, Wojdowski LCSW none 4926 LaCuenta Dr, Suite 220
San Diego, Ca 92124 USA


Jill Yeomans, M.A., M.F.C.C none 1018 Garden Street
Santa Barbara CA 93101

(805) 963-5727

Mildred L. Brown, PhD Gender Identity Therapy. The only South Bay TG therapist to date

800 Pollard Road

Suite B-207

Los Gatos CA 95030



Anne Perkins Certified Massage Therapist and R.N.  415-550-8240  
Anne Perkins Licensed Acupuncturist and R.N. at SOMA Acupuncture and Natural Health Clinic 1615  20th st. S.F. C.A. 94107  


Amy Buzick  Hair stylist  at Salon 265   265 Laguna st. S.F. C.A. 94102 





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Dr. Pega Ren Masters in Public Health, Doctorate in Sexology. In Private Practice in Vancouver since 1998.  

Practices in Vancouver and in Nelson, BC.
Website: .



Hershel T. Russell MA, MEd, Clinical Member Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, WPATH, CPATH, E-mail:





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Jennifer Anne Blair While completing my MA in Clinical Psychology I took additional graduate coursework in Counseling Psychology and Educational Psycholoyg. I have been working with members of the transgender community for the last 6 years. I have been a member of the World Association for Transgender Health since 2005.

Sliding scale fee available.




673 Grant St
Denver Colorado, 80203


 Tara Eastcott, Psy.D.

BENT: Psychological Services for Gender & Sexual Minorities. One-time assessments readiness for hormones/SRS and/or ongoing psychotherapy for issues related to gender transition. Available to support coming out process with family, employer, school.

Sliding Scale Fee Offered


1722 14th Street, Suite 130, Boulder, CO 80302.


Daugherty & Associates Sharon F. Daugherty, II, J.D., M.A. All Transgendered Issues Nationally. One-time Only Sex Reassignment Surgery, Secondary Referral Letters, As Required By Surgeons. Must Have Met Primary Therapist and Endocrinology Requirements and Received Primary Letters. Release of Medical Information Required for Review and Endorsement. Also Specializes in Employer/Employee Dispute Resolutions Regarding Cross-Dressing In the Workplace. (303) 754-7737 Voice Mail
(303) 366-5321 Facsimile

Laura Thor, MSW, LCSW Licensed psychotherapist experienced in working with members of the gender community and their spouses. Assessment and referral for hormonal and surgical sex reassignment. Counseling for spouses of transgendered partners, and guidance for families who must work through transition. 2925 Perry Street
Denver, CO 80212

(303) 477-0647

Deb Ann Thompson, PhD. NCACII, CACIII Psychotherapist 2755 S. Locust Street, Suite #207
Denver, Colorado 80222

(303) 758-6634

Kaiser Permanente (for Kaiser Permanente Members only) Licensed psychologist and member of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, offering comprehensive mental health services to persons experiencing problems involving their gender identity and sexuality. Psychotherapy for persons who feel shame, depression, and anxiety about cross dressing, who need help working through a resolution to their gender dysphoria, and who feel shame about not fitting into our cultural definitions of "female" or "male". Psychological assessment and referral for feminizing or masculinizing hormones, and for sex reassignment surgeries. Second opinion doctoral level evaluations for sex reassignment surgery. Family and marriage therapy for transgendered persons with or without their family members to resolve transgender related family conflicts, anger, shame, and loss. Consultation services to attorneys involving discriminatory restriction of custody or visitation on the basis of cross dressing or gender transition, and to employers involving managing the gender transitioning employee in the work place. Transsexual Transitions weekly psychotherapy group. Modest fees, insurance, and HMO members accepted. 4851 Independence, Suite 270
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

(303) 467-5800

Rachael St.Claire, PsyD Licensed Psychologist 673 Grant (private practice)
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 201-0300
Institute for Gender Study and Treatment Tomye Kelley, MA Practice limited to work with CDs, the gender conflicted, and their significant others. Private one-on-one psychotherapy, weekly support groups, process groups for those in or preparing for transition. Professional Speakers' Forum. P. O. Box 126
Arvada, Colorado 80001

(303) 420-9885
(303) 431-9793 (office number)
(303) 425-1649 (Fax)

Home Page: 

Jane Rutledge, Ph.D none 236 N. Washington
P.O. Box 1902
Monument, CO 80132

(719) 481-1660
Fax: (719) 481-2026

Kirsten Akse, Psy.D., P.C. Clinical Psychologist 2411 N. Tejon St.
Colorado Springs, CO 8090

(719) 471-2120



Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Robin Hoburg, Ph.D. Psychologist, Private Practice

Sliding Scale Fee Offered



30 Lafayette Square
Vernon CT 06066


Lee M. Faver, PhD ABPP

Im a licensed and board certified psychologist with expertise in sexuality, orientation, gender, couple therapy, health related problems among other areas of interest.

Individual and Couple Therapy
16+ years of age

25 Carriage Lane
Westmoreland, NH 03467
603.852.8238  (site active but also being completely revised now)
W. Riley Snow, M.D. General psychiatry and individual psychotherapy. Board certified. Knowledgeable about gender issues.  1001 Farmington Ave., Suite 302
Bristol CT 06010(860) 582-1178
Kathleen Sterner, Ph.D. Gender Identity Clinic of New England
c/o Central Connecticut Counseling Associates
82 Vine Street
New Britain, CT 06052

(860) 225-4672

Gender Identlty Clinic of New England (GICNE) Clinton R. Jones, Director
Provides screening for pre-operative TS applicants desirous of hormone therapy and for sex reassignment surgery approval for pre-operative TSs who have met the requirements of the Harry Benjamin international Gender Dysphoria Association's Standards of Care. 
68 Adelaide Road
Manchester CT 06040

(860) 646-8651



Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Added June 25, 2010

Amy L. Herb, LCSW, LCSW-C


Master of Social Work 1994
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in DE and MD

Newark, DE (19711)





DC (Washington)


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Added June 25, 2010

Michael Giordano, LICSW

Affirming psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families,
adolescents. Psychotherapist/Clinical Social Worker; MSW from University of Maryland, Baltimore; Educated and informed on transgender care and rights.

Sliding Scale Fee Offered


1555 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 4E, Washington,
DC 20036;


Dr. Christine Y. Henny, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist She has an office in Washington DC and in Bethesda, Maryland. She works with all kinds of people including TG and Lesbigay folk from DC, MD and VA 1226 31st Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20007

(202) 333-8311

Uzi Ben-ami, Ph.D.   (301) 424-1941
Pamela E. Marcus, RN, MS, CS-P Her specialties are in gender issues, suicide, and childhood sexual abuse survivors. 14460 Old Mill Road, Suite 201
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

(301) 952-9286





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information



Jennifer Sager


Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Florida PY#7422;
Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University
225 SW 7th Terr, Gainesville FL 32601 

Tristan Byrnes, MA Graduated with a Degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from USF, currently a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, personally FTM, willing to work on sliding scale and use Skype to assist those in rural areas receive therapy.

Sliding Scale Fee Offered



New Transition Therapy LLC
801 West Bay Dr Ste 412
Largo, FL 33770


 Charles Martin, Ph.D.

(Added Aug 6, 2009)

Licensed psychologist. Counseling for gender issues and TG/TS/CD individuals, partners and family. Provide letters/referrals as appropriate if transitioning. Follows HBIGDA/WPATH Standards of Care.

Sliding Scale Fee Offered

3600 NW 43rd St. E-4
Gainesville, FL 32606
(352) 375.7756
Lisa J Moore, MS, LMHC

(Added Aug 6, 2009)


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered

Sliding Scale Fee is a "possibility" - You must talk this over with Ms. Moore
1732 Kingsley Avenue, Suite 1, Orange Park, FL 32073


 Lawrence J. Levy, Psy.D., P.A.

(Added Aug 6, 2009)







Florida License Psychologist, License PY 7159
Psy.D. Doctor of Psychology, Granted 2002, Nova Southeastern University
A.L.B., Harvard University, 1993

I am a Florida Licensed Psychologist, who has experience working with people born male who feel that they are women, and women who feel they are men. I also work with people who feel that their gender is ambiguous. I also work with the significant others and family members of people who are transitioning. I also work with couples, gay, straight,
lesbian, individuals experiencing anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and people who want to use psychotherapy as a personal growth tool.

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee


398 Camino Gardens Boulevard
Suite 207
Boca Raton, Florida 33432

(About 50 minutes from Miami, about 30 minutes from Ft. Lauderdale, and about 20 minutes from Palm Beach, on the south east coast of Florida.)

(561) 210-5125

Michael Pruitt From submitter: Neither man is trans, but they are both gay, and both have experience working with transpeople and dealing with trans issues. If you could put these on your list, it would be awesome and hopefully useful to other guys. 6251 Phillips Highway, Jacksonville FL


Raul Soto Acosta 2520 University Blvd W. in Jacksonville FL


 Lynne Angela Santiago, LMHC
Licensed Psychotherapy & Consulting Services Tampa, Florida
(813) 258-4258
Dr. Robert B. Molpus M.D General Psychiatry 555 West S.R. 434
Longwood Fl 32750
Dr. Alan Grieco Ph.D. none 2802 Aloma Ave
Winter Park Fl 32792
(407) 740-7777
(407) 740-7701 Fax
Kathleen L. Farrell, Ph.D.


Counsels transgender individuals (providing letters/referrals, as appropriate, during the transition process) and couples, their significant others and families. Works with parents who have children experiencing gender identity issues. Fee on a sliding scale.   1025 7th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33705


My email address is and my is: 

Dr Bonnie R Saks They're awesome. They also have a trans group that meets the first Tuesday of the month and is led by Lynn Santiago. Its a small intimate group meaning everyone knows each other and feel comfortable to share openly. 3333 Kennedy blvd suite 106
Tampa, FL 33602

(813) 354-9444

Dr. Marcia L. Schultz Listing changed Oct 1, 2007 3111 N University Drive Suite 400 Coral Springs, Fl. 33065
Arvon & Associates in Counseling Dr. Coral Schlosberg Arvon Board certified sex therapist--18 yrs. exp. 2999 N.E. 191 St. Suite #703
Aventura, FL

(305) 936-8000 or (305) 931-8400

Center For Contemporary Counseling Coral L. Schlosberg, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT Board Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical psycho-therapist who has been working for fourteen years with gender identity issues. The center is now starting a group for TV/TS. Individual and group therapy.  2999 N.E. 191 St., Suite 607 Aventura, FL 3318

(305) 936-8000

Daylight of Tampa Bay Ask for Donna if you can't get anywhere, or feel uncomfortable, with the main switchboard. TG therapy available, with a possible support group in the future Tampa, FL

(813) 281-8829

Linda Jo Tracton MS


Hi Nick. You've done a terrific service with your website. I am listed in your therapist section and I am writing to let you know I've retired and am requesting to be removed.
My name is Linda Jo Tracton ...
If you need anything from me, please email me back. I will continue to refer people to your site - keep up the awesome work.
Very sincerely, Linda     Posted 10-11-05
Judith Meisner PhD

 Passed Away 

Urgent Notice from her colleague Kathleen L. Farrell:

In Memoriam:

Dear Transitional Male,
When I came across your website, I immediately noticed that you have Dr. Judith Meisner listed.  Judith was a friend and colleague and died on August 12, 1998 ( )
Sadly, I am requesting, that you delete her information
Lynn Hubschman MSW none 3640 Yacht Club Dr. #1802
Aventura FL 33180


William Granzig PhD none 120 E. Lake Sue Ave.
Winter Park FL 32789


Marilyn Volker She works with Ari Kane of the Outreach Institute doing gender presentations 1111 Venetia Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Phone/fax: (305) 443-8850

Libby A. Tanner, Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT Therapist specializing in Adult Psychotherapy, Sex and Relationship Therapy. Working with the gender community for twenty-five years.   5901 S. W. 100 Terrace
Miami FL. 33156

(305) 665-4934

Blossom Paster, Counselor none 28417 Trident Court
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543

(813) 973-0987

Lisa J. Moore L.M.H.C. Specializes in Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Issues. P.O. Box 60552
Jacksonville, Fl. 32236
Office address 2116 Park St.
Jacksonville, fl. 32204

(904) 389-7168

Florida Chapter Montgomery Institute, Inc. Referrals to medical doctors for SRS, psychologist, electrologist, etc. Monthly meetings. Distribution of legal/ medical/ social information for TS's. Post-op F-M TS offers consultation. Meeting each month on the second and fourth Friday. $5. per meeting. Must be screened by directors.   P.O. Box 141133 Gainesville, FL. 32607

(904) 332-6638

Pamela Hill-Epps none 8066 N. 56th Street
Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617

(813) 988-0958

Gender Congruity Center none 9960 Center Park Blvd. South, #404,
Boca Raton, FL 33428

(800) 328-2633




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Renelle "Ren" Massey Transman and Licensed Psychologist practicing over 21 years. WPATH member.

May offer sliding scale fee



1244 Clairmont Road, Suite 101, Decatur, GA 30030


Jack Boyan


From a patient/client:

I want to highly recommend Jack Boyan as a therapist.  Jack works with a variety of people, but also specializes in working with FTM clientele. 
Jack is my gender therapist, and again, I highly recommend him, and he happily works with FTMs. 
Jack doesn't do a lot of work on the computer, so when I asked him if he would mind if I mentioned him to sites online he emphatically said "Yes, please do."   : )

Atlanta, GA
also 404-982-0006

Dr. Virginia Erhardt

Individual, couples, and sex therapy. Specializing in sexual identity issues, particularly those related to transgender exploration and transition. Founding member: the Atlanta-based American Gender Institute, offering training to schools, corporate entities, and mental health professionals on gender issues. 315 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue
Suite 1051
Decatur, Georgia, USA 30030

Joel Bagby Very professional. In his office in Douglasville on Mondays. 7193 Douglas Blvd, Suite 205
Douglasville, GA 30135

(404) 920-0551

Relationship Enrichment Center

Also run by Joel Bagby 
none 1640 Powers Faeery Road
Building 28, Suite 350
Marietta, GA 30067

(404) 955-7715
Fax: (404) 956-9325

Ormewood Park Counseling Center Dr. Erin K. Swenson Dr. Erin Swenson, is a licensed therapist, ordained minister, and transgender
woman, who will counsel face-to-face or via phone. Also offers periodic day-long workshops.
Atlanta, GA



Rebecca H. Wood, Ph.D. Wood's Psychological Services, Inc. Licensed psychologist. Short-term therapy / evaluation. Works with adults & adolescents covering gay issues, gender issues, and survival of sexual abuse. 2470 Windy Hill Road, Suite 217
Marietta, GA 30067

(770) 952-4503
Fax (770) 951-8930


Montgomery Medical & Psychological Institute, Inc.  Contact: Jerry or Lynn Montgomery. TS support group and professional services. Information distribution center for the southeast region. Monthly meetings, free professional referrals, speakers, training seminars, hot line, and an annual TS convention. Screening required of clients. Local professionals working with our members are screened. 
Newsletter: MM & PI monthly newsletter, Insight a quarterly magazine for and about TSs.
P.O. Box 33311
Decatur GA 30033

(404) 603-9426


Hawaii: No Listings



Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Leslie Pederson, M.D. none  

1015 W. Hays, Boise, Idaho 83702

(208) 343-4884


Dr. Dave Sanford, Ph.D.
 Licensed psychologist.  

6010 Overland road
Boise, ID. 83709

(208) 377-5720





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Trey Polesky, MSW, LSW Updated info:

I am a fellow FTM and Licensed Social Worker providing individual, couples, and family counseling to the LGBTQ population. My goal is to help you clarify and resolve the difficulties you are facing in a way that makes sense for you.

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee


2416 E. Washington Street
Suite A2
Bloomington, IL. 61704
(773) 819-LGBT


Dr. Kathleen Young





I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years experience. I have expertise in working with the LGBT communities, including 5 years past work experience at Howard Brown Health Center where I coordinated a program for LGBT victims of violence. I specialize in all types of trauma (read more at ).
I have the knowledge and experience necessary to assess and diagnose GID and write letters of recommendation for hormonal therapy and gender/sexual reassignment surgery. I also have experience with a wide range of gender variant and non-conforming identities and focus on helping you live as authentically yourself.

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee


Edgewater neighborhood (call for info)
Chicago, IL 60660

Jim Cosenza, LCSW, CADC



Supportive counseling and psychotherapy for trans persons and their families. Credentialed with Medicare and a large number private mental health care providers and EAPs. Specialties in identity, relationships, chronic illness, mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, and addictions. Development of psychotherapy group for women whose husbands and partners are transitioning from male to female

Now offering Psychotherapy Support Group meetings for Women whose Husbands are Transitioning from Male to Female

Meetings are Saturdays 10 am - 11:30 am. at 4753 N. Broadway, Suite 608
Chicago, IL  Please Contact Jim for more information


4753 N. Broadway, Suite 608
Chicago, IL 60640

 Wendy Hall, MA, LCPC


1752 Windsor Road, Suite 205
Loves Park, IL  61111 (Rockford area)


 Carolyn E. Gehle, AM, LCSW

I have my masters in Social Work from the University of Chicago and have been practicing psychotherapy for over thirty years. I worked for Howard Brown Health Center here in Chicago for nine years and helped develop their protocol for working with transgender people. I have the knowledge and experience necessary to assess and diagnose GID and write letters of recommendation for hormonal therapy and gender/sexual reassignment surgery.


3139 N. Lincoln Ave. Suite 220
Chicago, IL 60657
773 472-6615
Laura Grimes, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing therapy for transgender-identified persons. Individual, couple, group or family therapy available. Trained as a sex therapist, specializing in sexual orientation, gender identity issues and the BDSM/kink communities. Some insurances accepted. Sliding scale fee. Currently facilitate Genderwork, a donation-supported FTM support group, in Chicago that meets twice monthly.


4753 N. Broadway, Suite 608
Chicago, IL 60640

(773) 659-9207

Sami J. S. Thomas, MA, LCPC, ADS    

Clinical Therapist/ Auricular Acupuncturist


Hi-I'm a TG-FTM Clinical therapist, and would like to list with you.  I am in Chicago, IL. and have been practicing for 9 years and been in the field of Social Services for 14 years.  I have worked with all population-age, races, social and economical, sexual orientation and genders.  I have a vast knowledge of treatment issues relating from Grief/loss, child abuse, sexual orientation, mental illness, anxiety/stress related and trans-gender issues. 

In addition to the above information I'm also a NADA trained ear acupuncturist for detox and reduction of symptoms related to drug, alcohol and cigarette use and abuse. This technique is also good for stress reduction and anxieties. Also I have had additional training in acupressure for ADHD.


offices Downtown Chicago and North/West Side of Chicago

Primary Office: Healthy Alternatives
30 S. Michigan
Chicago IL., 60603


Hours are by appointment only

Fred Ettner MD His wife is the therapist for ftm/mtf patients
Her name is Randi Ettner

800 Austin Street Suite 308
Evanston Illinois 60202



Elaine Phillips, MA, Certified Clinical Sexologist, Provides therapy and support for GLBT community.   

Bloomington, IL


Ronald B. Baron, MD Private practice of psychiatry, Medical psychotherapy; sex therapy; psychiatric consultations.  

2120 Sheridan Road
Highland Park, Illinois 60035

(708) 432-7007


Beatriz Ledesma, MEd.; M.A.A.T.; R.M.T.; LCPC Bilingual (Spanish-English)- bicultural clinical counselor, art therapist and Reiki master teacher who specializes in gender dysphoria, pre-and postoperative counseling for transition and beyond. Her knowledge of alternative modalities of treatment, such as Reiki --hands on healing--, meditation, relaxation, yoga, makes therapy a complete approach for the person in transition. 1242 W. Winnemac St.
Chicago IL 60640

(312) 506-2772 ext. 224

Dr. Linda Wetherbe Therapeutic Services - Gender issues. Works with Gender related issues on an Individual, Group or
Partner Basis. Located in the Northeastern IL area and is easily accessible to Southeastern Wi
Residents. By Appointment only.
(847) 223-6123

Michael Levins, Ph.D. Licensed clinical psychologist with nearly 20 years experience working with transsexuals.
I am a member of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association.

19815 Governors Hwy.
P.O. Box 418, Suite 8
Flossmoor, Ill 60422

8760 W. 159th St.
Orland Park, Ill 60462

(708) 798-2490


No name submitted with this listing (unsure why) Clinical psychologist specializing in gender dysphoria, and professionally associated with Eugene Schrang, MD in Wisconsin. Preoperative evaluations, pre- and postoperative counseling for transition and beyond. 1214 Lake Street Evanston, Illinois 60201

(708) 328-3433



Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Michele OMara LCSW in State of Indiana, currently working on PhD in Clinical Sexology.

Offers Internet Counseling

May "possibly" offer a sliding scale fee


Phone 317-517-0065

2680 E Main St. Suite 121
Plainfield, Indiana 46168

Community Counseling Center, Inc. Professional Park West Judy Sanders M.S., Certified Sex Therapist.  

4646 West Jefferson Blvd., Suite 180
Ft. Wayne IN 46804

(219) 432-4346


Park Center none  

909 E State Blvd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Life Plan none  

3521 Lake Ave. Suite 5
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

(219) 481-2888


The Kinsey Institute Clinic for Sexual Health none  

(317) 274-5150





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Central Iowa Gender Institute Susan McIntyre, MSW,ACSW Counseling and support services for CD/TS and androgynous persons. Individual and group activities. 

P.O. Box 12164
Des Moines IA 50312

(515) 277-7754




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information


Deborah McCullough MBACP, CCC, Adv Dip, PG Dip CCYP, Dip TGS.


Belfast, Ireland


We are a specialist counselling organisation based in Belfast (Northern Ireland) who are dedicated in offering emotional and theraputic support to those from our transgendered and transsexual communities.

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee


8-80 Sunnyside Street,
Northern Ireland,
Phone: 0844 3244 136
Dr Graham L Peveller  -










The main objective of my service is to provide a friendly, respectful, supportive, beneficial and effective online experience for all clients. One that provides information which can hopefully enable clients to either tolerate their gender issues or 'fix' them. Further also to support clients through transitioning, by way of a letter of recommendation for a hormones and surgery. Both flexibly and in a way that fits their unique personal circumstances, lifestyle and current situation.

As an online Gender Specialist I am British, fully qualified and have over 35 years experience of working with people from all walks of life, the past ten years have been specializing in the complexities of being transgender . I hold a PhD specializing in Gender, in particular, transgender related issues and Human Development, a Masters degree in Humanities, plus a Social Sciences degree together with a UK social work qualification covering social sciences, social issues, psychology, psychotherapy, law and counseling, together with extensive mental health training, child care and protection experience, plus psychotherapy and counseling training with other relevant social work career qualifications. All of my qualifications have been gained over a 35 year period as a counselor, psychotherapist and fully qualified UK Generic Social Worker, Social Work Team Manager, Head of both an Assessment and Children's Remand Center, Child Protection Team Manager and a fully qualified mental health approved Social Worker - acting under the UK Mental Health Act, (a person who is charged with the responsibility of carrying out a further community mental health assessment following initial assessments being carried out by the community mental health doctor. I further have gained clinical and online experience as a result of being involved with the setting up, development and then management of a gender clinic together with many years experience as a Gender Specialist with worldwide clients having practiced both online and face to face within a clinical setting. Finally, I am a registered and full professional member of WPATH (The World Professional Association for Transgender Health), formerly known as the (Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA). 'The (ACA) American Counseling Association', 'The Online Therapy Institute' and further registered under various other counseling organizations in the UK and Worldwide.

Online Worldwide

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee














Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Dr. Dale R. Neaman, PhD Affiliated Family Counselors Knowledgeable about what resources are available in the area (as in working with endocrinologists and psychiatrists). Member HBSOC
240 North Rock Rd Suite 303, Wichita, KS 67206

(316) 683-3841

CD Research Center Rebecca Gail Croslove none  

418 Linn Street
Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-3437






Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

 Carrie Hunter

Start Now Counseling


I have a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and am licensed in Kentucky. In addition to other issues, I work with transsexual persons at who are at varying stages of their transition process

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee


Start Now Counseling
125 Chenoweth Lane, #306
Louisville, KY 40207

Dave Harmon & Associates Counseling & Consultation


From patient: Dave and his
associates are WONDERFUL. I have never met a therapist that is more caring than
he is. i strongly recommend him to anyone in the Louisville area.
Louisville, KY 40207
Kathleen Kirby
Raskin & Associates
Psychology Resource Group
Patient Assessment: She was nice and knowledgeable... I would recommend her. She has done quite a bit of research on transgender/transsexual patients and knows her stuff.  

7400 LaGrange Road, Suite 204
Louisville, Kentucky 40222

(502) 394-9990




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Diane Bailey, Ph.D AAsect Certified Sex Therapist Sociology Specialist: Therapy & Consultation.  

3326 Prytania
New Orleans, LA 70113

(504) 899-5754



PO Box 56836
New Orleans, LA 70156-6836

(504) 833-3046






Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Jane Thursten FTM's  

330 Main St
Saco, ME

(207) 282-1500


Maine Gender Resource and Support Service c/o Jean Churchill Volunteer organization working to provide information, referrals, and support to Maine's transgendered community, and education about gender dysphoria to the public. NOT a support group.

P.O. Box 1894
Bangor ME 04402-1894

(504) 899-5754


Outreach Institute of Gender Studies Ariadne Kane, Director Conferences and workshops on gender issues, Gender Attitude Reassessment Program for health care professionals, clinical supervision for sex educators and counselors, Fantasia Fair, speakers' bureau for meetings and conferences, seminars for couples. Newsletter: Journal of Gender Studies, information packets, publications, annotated catalogue 126 Western Ave., Ste. 246
Augusta ME 04330

(207) 621-0858




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Shawn MacDonald, PhD Licensed Psychologist in Maryland, PhD in Counseling Psychology,
Member of W-Path
Extensive work with Transgender and gender variant people

May offer sliding scale fee - please ask


4400 East-West Highway Suite 1028
Bethesda, MD 20814

Near Bethesda Metro
(301) 358-6421

 Amy L. Herb, LCSW, LCSW-C


Master of Social Work 1994
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in DE and MD

Two locations.
Elkton, MD (21921)



Dr. Gregory K. Lehne, PhD, PA Highly recommended: "This guy saved my life. Hopefully he'll be able to save some others."  

4419 Falls Road at Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21211

(410) 366-0642


Dr. Christine Y. Henny, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist She has an office in Washington DC and in Bethesda, Maryland. She works with all kinds of people including TG and Lesbigay folk from DC, MD and VA  

1226 31st Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20007

(202) 333-8311


Counseling For Relationships Rusty Lynn, BD,MSW,LCSW Counseling for transgendered persons

4835 Del Ray Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814 (301) 652-6448


Sexology Associates, Inc. H. Martin Malin, Ph.D., Counseling for transgendered persons   

2114 N Charles St. Ste 3
Baltimore, Md.  (410) 528-163818






Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

New! Oct 2013 =

Dianne Ouellette, MSW, LICSW
25 Donovan's Way
Middleton, Ma 01949


I am a psycholtherapist with over 15 years experience working with the Transgender community and families. I provide counseling with gender issues, couple issues as well as depression and anxiety. I am able to provide letters for hormone treatment and surgery. I also provide referrals to community resources. I am a member of WPATH and on the Board of Directors for NAGLY (a glbt support group for teens). 

I am able to offer some sliding scale.  I also take many insurance carriers.


Phone/fax is 978-304-0572
email is:
web site is:


Joanna Frost, LICSW  

Your practice and professional information such as schooling, degrees, titles held for this listing
Joanna Frost, MSW, LICSW is a Smith College School for Social Work-trained Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and a former Clinical Fellow at the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy; she is a member of the Advocacy and Liaison committee of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). A Gender and Trauma specialist Joanna has twenty years of experience in issues of gender and has a private practice in Western Massachusetts.

Sliding scale fee offered


Joanna can be reached at 413-534-3033.

700 Main St.
Holyoke, MA 01040

PO Box 4541
Chicopee, MA 01014

 Mick Rehrig, L.C.S.W.

Master's of Social Work, Boston College,

Sliding scale fee offered

130 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116


Diane Ellaborn, LICSW, NASW Diplomate in Clinical Social Work


Psychotherapist with 15 years' experience provides psychotherapy and divorce mediation for CD/TS, transgendered people and their spouses. 152 Edmands Road
Framingham, MA  01701
Phone (508) 788-5406
Fax     (508) 788-7761
New Horizons Counseling Clyde Hilburn MSW Candidate
Individual counseling and support groups for those dealing with gender issues. P.O. Box 191
Ashland MA 01721

(508) 435-6656

David Seil, M.D. Board-certified psychiatrist, member of HBIGDA. Evaluation and psychotherapy for those seeking gender transition. General psychiatry for transgenderists, TVs, their families and partners. Referrals within the medical community. 196 West Springfield Street
Boston, MA 02118

(617) 536-2665

People*Systems Potential Niela Miller, MS Ed, LCSW
Counseling for cross dressers, gender confused persons, partners, family members. Monthly group for CDs and TSs in Concord, Mass. Supervision available for mental health professionals. P.O. Box 132
Nagog Woods MA 01718

(508) 264-4565

Dennis Pearne, EdD Consultations


Clinical psychologist. 9 Alexander Ave
Belmont Ctr, MA 02178
Mailing: 133 Grove St.
Watertown MA 02172.

(617) 484-0013

Josefina A. Speckert, MEd
Psychotherapist specializing in gender issues. Josie hosts groups on transsexual issues, and works with individual clients on transgender issues.
30 East Housatonic St, Suite #3
Pittsfield MA 01201
Theseus Counseling Services Ari Kane, MEd, Gender Specialist

From a Mass. resident: Dr. Ari Kane and Dr. David Seil's listed numbers are incorrect- Ari Kane is not at the office that his listed number reached, and David Seil's listed number is not in service anymore. I don't know if they moved, or what, but I thought I should let you know. Nick's Notes; please call directory assist or look up these names in your local phone book for proper contact numbers


Counseling in gender issues, couples counseling where dressing is an issue in the relationship, gender clarification for gender shift people, long-term counseling for pre-op TSs, professional supervision for social workers and guidance counselors. All sessions are by appointment.
Publishes: Journal of Gender Studies
233 Harvard Street, Suite 301
Brookline MA 02146
Services for Men (and Their Families)

Staff of Board Certified and Licensed Social Workers, psychiatrist, and psychologist to deal with sexual and gender issues, identity problems, relationship problems, depression. Qualified for health insurance payments. Evening and Saturday hours available.  

66 Wyman Street
West Medford MA 02155

(617) 395-2450


Elke U. O'Donnell, PhD
Psychotherapist offering supportive, confidential counseling for all people facing gender identity issues. Monthly group for CDs and TSs.  

43 Roberts Road
Cambridge MA 02138 

(617) 441-9300






Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

 Dr. Gregory Jones Ph.D

T-Male owner notes: Ask Dr. Jones for his credentials; this listing was submitted anonymously with a vast amount of schooling credentials however, I am unsure if Dr. Jones has given consent to post all his schooling here. Sender found these on his website but the sender didn't give Dr. Jones' URL

From the submitter: "As far as I know, he is the only psychologist in the Upper Peninsula that takes patients specifically for trans issues. I personally found him to be professional and non-obstructive; two trans friends who've seen him have had a less favorable experience."

Ask if he has a sliding scale fee.

Premier Psychological Services
1300 West Ridge St., Ste. 2
Marquette, MI 49855

(906) 228-6200

 Diversity Counseling and Therapy Center, PLLC. Annita List, MSW ACSW CFT, CAC
Comprehensive Gender Services Program



Private practice specializing in diversity, both with the population they serve and the issues they present. Practice established in 1995.

Sliding Fee Scale Available to those without insurance." Is willing to accept different terms if you have no insurance".

820 Monroe, Grand Rapids, MI

(616) 451-1965


University of Michigan Comprehensive Gender Studies Program Alfreda Rooks Johnson

4990 Clark Rd. Ste. 300
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

(616) 528-0895 phone
(616) 528-0986 fax

Homestead Counseling Center Sandra L. Samons, ACSW, CAC, Individual and family therapist knowledgeable about gender issues. Day or evening times available. Leave message and your call with be returned.   

1480 Shevchenco, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(313) 663-7871


Lee Padula, Ph.D. Licensed psychologist, marital and family therapist, certified sex therapist. More than ten years of experience working with CD/TG/TS/SOs and families in the gender community. Psychological evaluations for hormones and for SRS. Transition support in employment. Day and evening appointments.  37677 Professional Center Dr.
Suite 110, Livonia MI 48154

(313) 953-3333

Lydia Hunt Institutes Of Intensive Psychotherapy Marjorie A. Lyda, D.D., A.C.S.W.
Nancy J. Hunt, M.A., M.S.W.
Over 20 years experience working with and offering therapy for Gay/Lesbian, TV, TS, hormone referral, evaluation referrals, surgery referrals.  

20905 Greenfield Road, Suite 508
Southfield, MI 48075

(810) 443-0005


Deborah R. Donison, PH.D. Has been working with transgendered people for over 10 yrs. in the Detroit area.  

Detroit, MI 48221

(313) 862-3597
(313) 862-5852 (fax)






Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information


 Willow Counseling Services, LLC
Veronica L. Senkyr, MA, LMFT



1821 University Ave. W., S329
St. Paul, MN 55104

Phone: 651-647-1022

Fax: 651-647-3422
Web site:
Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association  

1300 South 2nd Street Suite 180
Minneapolis MN 55454

(612) 625-1500 


Gender Education Center (GEC) Debbie Davis, Director An educational outreach and support service with resource information, presentations, workshops, education, training and consulting on transgender and women's issues. We provide the opportunity to learn about the transgendered community, gender issues and the new Minnesota Human Rights Amendment. Consulting, diversity training, speaker's bureau. P.O. Box 1861
Minneapolis, MN 55311

(612) 424-5445 or FAX (612) 424-8595

Miller-Dwan Counseling Resources This is a safe and respectful place for clients, with a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who has worked with transgendered individuals for the past five years on staff.  

Duluth, MN

(218) 720-1305


Transgender Clinic Sharon Satterfield, M.D. Psychiatrist Sharon Satterfield works as the primary therapist, and refers her clients to Dr. William Robiner for secondary therapy. Dr. Satterfield is also very well versed at working with TG people who are chemically dependant and in recovery.  

Suite 103, Stadium Village Mall
852 Washington Ave. S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414

(612) 627-4121


University of Minnesota Gender Dysphoria Program c/o Program in Human Sexuality A professionally managed gender program based on the HBIGDA's Standards of Care. Administered by the Department of Family Practice and Community Health, University of Minnesota Medical School. Comprehensive evaluation, gender dysphoria is clarified through psychotherapy. Services include an ongoing psychotherapy group for sex reassigned transsexuals, psychological services for families and friends, evaluation and treatment of gender dysphoric children and adolescents, complete physical health care. 1300 South 2nd Street,
Ste 180 Minneapolis, MN 55454

(612) 625-1500 or FAX (612)626-8311

Transgender HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Program in Human Sexuality. Dept. or Family Practice and Community Health In collaboration with the City of Lakes Cross gender Community, the Minnesota Freedom of Gender Expression, the Minnesota Aids Project, and the Aliveness Project, the Program in Human Sexuality offers an HIV/AIDS education-prevention program for cross dressing, transgender and transsexual persons and their partners. In addition, the Program provides psychological health care and support for transgender persons with HIV/AIDS. University of Minnesota Medical School
1300 So. 2nd Street
Suite 180, Minneapolis, MN 55454

(612) 625-1500 or FAX (612)626-8311


Mississippi: No Listings




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Caroline Gibbs, LPC, NCC Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. Licensed Professional Counselor. National Certified Counselor. Kindly look at my web site  for my my organization The Transgender Institute.


MAY offer sliding scale fee - please ask



140 Wornal Road, Suite 203
Kansas City, Missouri 64114

 Michael DeMarco, PhD

Warrensburg and Kansas City, MO

Clinical Sexologist and Licensed Professional Counselor
Specializing in gender and sexuality issues as well as sexual dysfunction
in individuals, couples and families.



 M. Lee Borrine, PhD. I am a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience treating those in the
GLBT community.  I have been in practice since 1990. Also, I am considering moving my office but will still be in the St. Louis area and my phone number will not change.
8147 Delmar Blvd.
Suite 219
St. Louis, MO 63130


Patricia E. Berne Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist She is very well recommended among the St.Louis area TG community.  

7710 Carondelet
Suite 505
Clayton, Missouri 63105

(314) 725-0550


Dr Genia Simmons PHD Psychologist.  She also works with an MD that works with the gender community, and heads up a support group for TS's that meets every other week.  

waiting for accurate number; call 411 and ask for her listing in Kansas City, MO

Helen R. Friedman, Ph.D. Member of the St. Louis Gender Foundation.  

7750 Clayton Rd., Suite 210
St. Louis, MO 63117

(314) 781-4500





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Gary C. Bounous, M.S.W., B.C.D. Psychotherapy Services  

1220 Ave C, Suite F, Billings, Montana 59102-3200



TG Transitions c/o The Family Center Anne Ross Harris' description: A resource for transsexuals, transgendered persons, their families and friends. Provides support, education, advocacy, and medical referrals. Meetings are generally the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, but may vary; call for next meeting time. New participants must meet for a personal no-charge interview prior to admittance to the group.
210 N. Higgins, Suite 202
Missoula, MT 59802

(406) 721-4610, Ext. #3

Web Page: 



Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

  Leslie A. Epstein, MA, LMHP, CPC I have been practicing therapy for 20+ years, and during the last ten, have specialized in GLBT and especially transgender clients. I have two Master's degrees in psychology, NE license for mental health practitioner and certified professional counselor since 1995.

MAY offer sliding scale fee - please ask

11912 Elm Street, Suite 109
Omaha, NE 68144
(402) 517-0533

Other website URL: Click here (It is too long for this section)



 Megan Smith, MS, LMHP, CPC



Megan has 11 years of working with the community. She works with all aspects of the trans community doing work in the areas of: children, adolescents, adults, significant others, family members, employment mediation, etc. Runs a support group for Gender Variant teens and young adults. Megan dedicates her time to training and educating locally and nationally and co-founded the Professional Transgender Resource Network.

sliding scale fee


722 St. Mary's Ave., Suite 403
Omaha, NE 68102





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Caring Counseling Nancy Lee, PhD Individual, couple, group and family counseling. Gender identity and sexuality issues, validation of individuality. One or two hour sessions.  

2061 Market Street
Reno, Nevada 89502

(702) 322-7771


Roberta Hartman Vande Voort, M.S., M.F.T. Meadows Counseling Individual, couple, group and family counseling. Individual and small group counseling with the Gender Displaced and their families.  

500 North Rainbow Blvd. Suite 203
Las Vegas, NV 89107

(702) 878-0554



New Hampshire


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Anne L Boedecker, PhD NH Licensed Psychologist in private practice since 1981.PhD in Human Development from Penn State University in 1978. Helping transgender clents and SOFFAs since 1998. Support group for those exploring the male-to-female transition. Member WPATH, IFGE, PFLAG.

Sliding scale fee offered


Located in Bow, New Hampshire.

(603) 226-2230

Nancy Strapko, Ph.D. Gender Specialist. Psychotherapist serving the New England area. Private, couples, and group therapy. Formerly with U. of Minnesota.  

P.O. Box157
Plymouth NH 03264

(603) 536-1306


Cheshire Counseling Ken DeVoid, Ed.D. Gender identity counseling. Individual consultation/counseling, confidential setting, support group. Weekend/ evening appointments available.   

1O4 Cross St.
Keene, NH 03431

(603) 357-5544



New Jersey


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

 Katherine Feingold, MD Child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist providing psychiatric evaluations and medication management for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, bipolar, social anxiety. Medical doctor with training at NYU.

513 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave. Livingston, NJ. 07039 973-533-1195


 Lisa O'Connor, M.D. Healthy Transitions, LLC I just opened an office in Stirling, NJ specializing only in treating the medical and psychological health care needs of GLBT clients.  

1390 Valley Rd, Suite 1E Stirling, NJ 07980

Office: 908-647-1688 Fax: 908-647-5180 


Updated 2-13-09

 Lee Ruszczyk, LCSW, ACSW


I am a licensed clinical social worker with 18 years post master experience
in the mental health and substance abuse field.  I will work on a sliding
and will work with insurance companies as well

5148 Route 9 South in Howell, NJ 



Amy L. Altenhaus, PH.D. Licensed Psychologist #1479 Registered Custody Evaluator

Relationship and Gender Issues, Custody and visitation evaluations, Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families and groups. For children, adolescents and adults.  

80 East Main St.
Freehold, NJ 07728

(908) 780-6644


Philip T. McCabe CSW, CAS

Specializing in Addictions, Substance Abuse, Money Disorders; Gambling, Spending, Shopping and related disorders. Affirmative Counseling. Co-chair National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor's Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgender Clinical Issues Sub-Comittee. Faculity, Presentor for the Gay/Lesbian Addiction Studies Conference, NYC Po Box 123 Ocean Grove NJ, 07756

Tel/fax (908) 774-2719 

Dr. A. S. Nubel Ph.D., C.N.S.C. Specializing in TSs and cross-dressers. She also provides Speech Therapy, work with self image and a free group for TSs. She works very hard for her clients and is very successful in getting insurance companies to cover TS related expenses.
Bridgewater area of NJ

(908) 722-9884


New Mexico


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Unique Counseling Services Group


Please leave message-confidentially assured.
Gender counseling and referral. Significant Others, Welcome!

2507 N. Main St. Suite 89
Las Cruces, NM 88001

(505) 382-9337

Transpersonal Institute for the Study of Gender Identity Dr. Carpenter D.O.

Formerly Gender Center of the Southwest. Offering complete, cost effective service for the gender community. Serving Gender Dysphoria, TS, TV, and the gender curious. Group Therapy and Peer Supports, Dallas office maintains a live telephone information line 7-10 P.M. on Mondays. Endocrine treatment (hormones), Individual and Family counseling, Pre and Post op physical exams, complete laboratory services, Surgical referrals, and Legal Liaison. 369 Montezuma Suite 356
Santa Fe, NM 87501-5715

Tel/fax (908) 774-2719



New York State - Includes a Massage Therapists listing at the bottom section


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

SJ Langer, LCSW-R
Private Practice in Chelsea
MSW - New York University
BFA - School of Visual Arts
Member- WPATH

Sliding scale fee offered


138 W. 25th Street
NY, NY 10001

Katherine Rachlin, Ph.D. (Kit)

Clinical Psychologist and AASECT certified Sex Therapist




Katherine Rachlin, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience in the trans-community. She has worked with transpeople, cross dressers, their families and partners for more than eleven years. Dr. Rachlin is trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and sex therapy. She sees individuals at all stages of gender exploration and transition. She also works therapeutically with people who have decided not to transition or who are post-operative, post-transition or for whom transition is no longer a central issue.

Sliding scale fee offered

49 West 24th St. 9th FL
New York, NY 10010

(212) 206-3636



 D.R. Yonkin, LCSW



I'm a psychotherapist in NYC with a specialization in gender identity. I'm a full member of WPATH (formerly HBIGDA). (I'm listed at Dr. Becky as well, and have worked with most of the folks listed on your site for NY.)  

My office is at
211 W. 56th Street, Suite 30G
New York, NY 10019
contact # 917.842.2655



Sean M. Endress, MA, LMSW

 Now with 2 locations - New Platz & Albany!




Sean is a trans-masculine identified person offering support, education, and advocacy in the areas of gender identity, sexuality, and mental health. As part of his clinical training,

Sean served as an individual therapist and group facilitator at the Gender Identity Project in NYC.

 Free initial phone consults and sliding scale fees are available.

In April 2006, I was a recipient of a Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund general achievement award.


New Platz, NY & Albany, NY

Phone for both locations: (718) 887-1378

Hours available on Saturdays in New Platz,

Mondays in Albany, or by Phone


Dr Caillean McMahon-Tronetti



(GLBT community member)
Currently treating both F to M and M to F  TG patients
Chautauqua County Mental Health


319 Central Avenue
Dunkirk, NY


 Moonhawk River Stone, M.S., LMHC

Information/Personal Notes:
Mr. Stone has over twenty years experience working with transgender people and their families across the full spectrum of gender identities to assist people in resolving and actualizing their gender identity in productive and fulfilling ways. Stone works with gender variant children and their families, and works with transpeople across age, ability/disability, and trauma survivors and specializes in workplace gender transitions. Stone works on a sliding fee scale.

until 7/31/08:

Office: 50 Colvin Avenue, Suite 204, Albany, NY 12206, (518) 446-1261
after 8/1/08:

Office: 1448 Dalton Drive, Schenectady, New York 12308 (518) 506-1261



 Michael DeMarco, LMFT, LMHC, PhD


PO Box 4668 #79141

New York, NY 10163-4668



Dr. John Capozuca 210 Bleecker Street
New York, NY

(212) 243-4310

Lynn Birnbaum 35-69 165th Street
Flushing, NY 11358

(718) 762-1530

Dr. Christina (Tina) Wheeler


She co-authored the "Non Op TS Paper" with Dr. Shafer in the early 80's and along with Dr. Shafer is the Dr currently rewriting and revising the "Standards of Care" for the IHBGDA.



Call 411 ask for contact information - she may be retired

Pamela Walter, C.S.W.-R, A.C.S.W.,B.C.D

20 years experience in dealing with the TG community.


768 Cross Keys Office Park
Fairport, New York 14450

(716) 425-4750 (716) 586-9358

Dr. John M. Wadsworth M.D. (Endo?) 313 Summer Street
Buffalo, NY
(716) 883-5357
Transgender Health and Education Clinic of Community Health Project (THE Clinic)
Community Health Project Contact Patricia Nelson, Coordinator


Services Provided: General Medical Care , Peer Counseling
Cost: Initial: $5 registration fee, $25 medical, labs are at cost.
Follow ups $20. No one is turned away due to inability to pay.
Mission: To provide quality health care to the transgender community at low cost. (Part of the overall mission of CHP to the l/g/b/t communities.)
When: Second Saturdays, 11 am - 3 pm


208 W 13th St, 2nd fl,
New York, NY 10011

(212) 675-3559
(212) 645-0013 (fax)

Dr. Leah Cahan Shafer


She is the inheritor of Dr Harry Benjamin's practice and the former chair of the IHBGDA
Riverside Drive and 101st Street
New York, NY

(212) 866-1139


Professional psychotherapy, individual and group support, family counseling, evaluations, treatment for all gender related situations, particularly for transsexuals. Full transition support. Call or write for appointment and information, Mon.-Fri.,11am-5pm.   

P.O. Box 6260
Broadway Station
Long Island, NY 11106-0260

 (718) 728-4615


Shelley Juran, Ph.D.





Shelley Juran, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and certified (interpersonal) psychoanalyst who has worked with transgendered clients for over 20 years, since, as a faculty member at NYU Medical Center, she ran the daily operations of their gender clinic. Now she is a Full Professor of Psychology at Pratt Institute, where she teaches Sexuality and Gender courses, and sees, privately, in Brooklyn Heights, clients who are interested in making decisions about their life based upon an in-depth exploration of their issues.


158 Montague St
Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201

(718) 625-6526  

Barbara B. Holstein Assistant professor of Clinical Medicine Marriage and Family Therapist Sex Therapist Lafayette Family Health Center


Trained as a sex therapist at the SUNY Human Sexuality Program, she specializes in gender issues in adult sexuality and relationships. Barbara sees both individuals and couples in her private practice. All services are private and confidential.


2394 Route 11
Lafayette NY 13084

(315) 677-3186
(315) 677-9469

Gender Identity Project Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center

Support, counseling, advocacy and referral services for gender dysphoric individuals.

Peer-to-peer counseling, facilitated support groups, professional referrals, and alcohol and drug abuse counseling services. M-t-F support group [Call for dates and times]; M-t-F and F-t-M [Call for dates and times]; Couples Support Group and Lovers and Friends Support Group alternate [Call for dates and times].

The Project is part of the Center's Mental Health and Social Services Programs and all services are confidential and professionally supervised


208 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011

(212) 620-7310


Joseph R. DiLorenzo, PhD Licensed Psychologist





Dr. DiLorenzo is a transgender person who specializes in work with trans persons. His practice focuses upon gender identity issues and sexual orientation with adults and children. He has expertise in childhood sexual abuse and works with children and their families on issues of gender and sexuality. Another focus of his practice is with families in which one or more persons are transgendered (adult or child). He is an advocate for the transgender community and is active in various trans political organizations


New York, NY




Arlene Istar Lev R-CSW, CASAC Choices Counseling Associates




Individual, couple and family counseling, and work with lesbian, gay, bi, transgendered and other sexual minority folks. All services are confidential and offered on a sliding scale fee schedule. Many insurances are accepted. Trained in general psychotherapy including addictions and recovery, domestic violence and sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image ,relationship and parenting issues. Staff is trained in psychospiritual counseling and multi-cultural awareness.


321 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12206

(518) 463-9152



Massage Therapist


Kelly Carey, LMT


Professional Massage Therapy with care and compassion. From Swedish to Shiatsu, I will custom tailor a treatment session to best suit your health care needs. NYS Licensed Massage Therapy. I offer a vast array of treatment styles including....Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, MFR, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage and many more..

Sliding scale fee offered




1387 Fairport Road
Suite 520
Fairport NY 14450


North Carolina


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Kyler Robbins Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Substance Abuse Specialist

Have worked with many individuals with gender questions/concerns/issues. Can provide letters for hormone therapy/surgery. Sliding scale fee system. Please email for further details

Sliding scale fee offered



Western North Carolina


Louise Hahn, MA, NCC


Nationally certified counselor specializing in gender-related issues. Psychotherapy addressing concerns of CD's, TG's, TS's and their SO. In RTP (Research Triangle Park) every other week.


Winston-Salem, Durham, Wilmington NC.

(910) 395-0772


North Dakota


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Alice Christianson, MA (Clinical Psychology) MeritCare Neuroscience Clinic



Dr. Lawrence met Ms. Christianson at the London HBIGDA Symposium. She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, a Licensed Addiction Counselor, and an AASECT certified sex therapist. She practices in the psychiatry department at MeritCare, and is a team member of their Sexual Disorders Clinic. She tells me she has worked with transsexual males and females for over 20 years.


700 First Ave. S. Fargo, ND 58103

(701) 234-4131




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Edith Marie Green, LPC  

Licensed Professional Counselor. Provide individual counseling and mental health and wellness services. Expertise in child abuse, adult survivors, adoption and foster care. Extensive research and practice in self esteem, personal development, anxiety, depression, and nutrition, and chemical dependency. Holds a Masters Degree in Community Counseling, Certified Clinical Counseling through the University of Dayton. Doctoral Studies in Social Psychology, completed all but a dissertation at the Union Institute & University.

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee


Holistic Wellness Institute, Inc. P.O. Box 9244, Columbus, Ohio 43209


Arianna Galligher SSW, MSW, LISW-S
Offers a Sliding Scale Fee E-mail:

466 N. Cassady Ave.
Bexley, OH 43209



Central Ohio Gender Dysphoria Program



Contact Meral Crane, MA, LPCC Director
Certified Sex Therapist, Marriage & Family Therapist
COGDP has been active since 1979 and has many very satisfied graduates. Offers many levels of service including SRS referrals. Great help with self analysis, passing and coming out; facilitates acceptance. Individual & group meetings for the transgendered: pre & post op support. Optional meetings with families and/or spouses of both TV & TS.


P.O. Box 82008, Columbus, OH 43202

(614) 451-0111


North Central Mental Health Services

Mental health hotline and service provider. Can provide individual counseling and mental health services as well as referrals about gender issues.   

1301 North High Street
Columbus Oh 43201

(614) 299-6600



The Institute Of Sexual Wellness (ISW) Dr. A. Feo


Specializes in working with the transgendered community. Dr. Feo is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides individual, family and couple therapy. He and his associates provide therapy to spouses. They also are a member and adhere to the rules of the Harry Benjamin Society. For more information or to make an appointment, please call or write. 

There is one complaint sent to me about this Dr. but I have chosen not to post it because I don't have Dr. Feo's side and will not 'out' the person complaining about him to him. Nick


24500 Center Ridge Rd, Suite #100
Westlake, Ohio 44145

 (216) 899-1300





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information



Marsha McMillian  

Highly recommended by Endocrinologist Dr. Davis's nurse, Shari


Office number is 405-848-4244
Dawn Singleton
Dr. Dawn Singleton is a member of the GLBT community and
has worked with many transgendered individuals. There is no charge for an initial consultation. All individuals who seek her services are treated with respect and care.

5005 N. Pennsylvania. Suite 204.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112.
Contact Information. phone: (405) 232-3296. fax: (405) 810-0650


Red Rock Behavioral Health Services They have a group that meets one night per week for both FTM's and MTF's.

Call for details and about counseling services for TS & Transitioning issues.


NW Side
Red Rock North
2240 NW 39th Street 73112

North Care Center Nick used this facility before his transition. A Therapist named Carol Goode was his therapist, whom he discussed gender issues with. She may no longer be there however, they may know where she is at  

6300 N. Classen 73118



O.U. Health Science Center - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences  

Nick used this facility during the early part of his transition seeing a Dr. Michael Krug PhD (not sure he's even there anymore) for the [then] required 8 hours of Psychiatric Tests (MMPI-II, ect...) & I.Q. Testing to begin HRT.

Note: This is a rare event now. This was years ago.


920 S. L. Young Blvd. STE 3240




Jeri Fritz, Ph.D.
I accept many insurances and most credit cards.


624 S. Boston Ave., Ste. 311
Tulsa, OK 74119
Rebecca Norton, MA, LMFT, LPC, CADC
Client experience: Very positive attitude!
Good with insurance.

596 East 101st Street Suite D
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133

Leah Hunt  

1515 S Lewis Ave
Tulsa, OK 74104

Kay Butchko, LMFT
30 + yrs experience, sliding scale, accepts many insurances 918-295-0202
1536 S Peoria Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120
Jeri Fritz, Ph.D.
601 S Boulder Ave Ste 800
Tulsa, OK 74119-1308
Jo Ann Howse
One client sent in a bad review to the T-Male but will not remove her listing unless and until I get more negative comments. 918-749-3223
5541 S Lewis Ave
Tulsa, OK 74105




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Reid Vanderburgh    

MA, Counseling Psychology (2001)
LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), 2006
I am the author of "Transition and Beyond: Observations on Gender Identity." I am also a transman who began physical transition in 1997..

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee


319 SW Washington #701
Portland, Oregon 97204
Annik Larsen, ACSW, LCSW


Works with individuals with gender dysphoria, gender and/or sexual identity questions or issues, or personal or relationship problems relating to these issues, including cross dressers, transsexuals, people who aren't sure who they are, their partners or other family members, or anyone who may be affected by a gender issue. Counseling, support, education and consultation for clients and for other professionals not familiar with these issues.


Portland, Oregon



Dr. Barry Maletzky MD PC.


Dr Maletzky works with Transgendered Individuals helping to resolve gender identity, gender dysphoria, and other personal issues. Has close working relationship with Dr. Meltzer, also in Portland. Dr Meltzer will accept surgery letters of recommendation from Dr Maletzky.


(503) 238-5580
Phoenix Rising


Phoenix has a large staff of counselors of various backgrounds and they cater to the gay/les/bi/trans community



Contact Jim Everett

620 SW 5th, Suite 710
Portland OR 97204

 (503) 223-8299



B.J. Barbara Seymour, ACSW


Gender Identity Counseling


Portland, OR

(503) 228-2472



Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information


Judith DiPerna, M.S.Ed.

M.S.Ed. in Counseling from Duqusene University in Pittsburgh. 25 years experience in the mental health field. I specialize in Transgender services, offering TS evaluations, referrals letters, and HT referrals. I also counsel family members to help all who are involved to develop a comfort level with the transition. Formerly employed at Persad Center with over 15 years experience with HIV/AIDS

Ask about a Sliding Scale Fee


Brackenridge, PA 15014


Damon Constantinides, LSW, M.Ed. MSW from Widener University
M.Ed. in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University
Licensed Social Worker in PA

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee



245 S. 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

1407 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown, PA, 19031

Joe Ippolito, Ph.D.
I am a Doctor of Psychology and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have been working with the transgender community for close to 10-years now.

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee
313 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Michele Angello, Ph.D.
Clinical Sexologist
Gender Studies

Core Initiatives,LLC

987 Old Eagle School Rd   
Suite 719
Wayne, PA 19087





Karen Kleiman, MSW Psychotherapist

Special interest in FTM transition.



1062 Lancaster Avenue, #8
Rosemont, Pennsylvania 19010

(610) 525-7527


Dianne Rackliffe, Psy.D.


Licensed clinical psychologist providing confidential psychotherapy to the Transgendered community and their significant others.


1700 Walnut Street, Suite 725Philadelphia, PA 19103
Persad Center, Inc. Randal G. Forrester, James Huggins.




Mental health services for the gender conflicted and their significant others. Individual therapy, support group, evaluation and treatment for transsexualism including: gender identity team which provides initial and on-going evaluation, hormone therapy, and sex reassignment therapy.


5100 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15224-1616 

(412) 441-0857

Ann Robertson M.A. Allegheny Psychological Associates



Treats Transgendered people M to F & F to M. Previously worked for Persad and has vast experience with TS's. She is very understanding and compassionate.

1931 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

(800) 473-9596 or

(724) 458-0806

Fax: (724) 458-4310



Dr Mary V. Cochran P.H.D.


Individual, couple and family therapist with a leaning towards the GBLT communities. knowledgeable about the HIV and TG community for over 20 yrs.


University City area, Philadelphia, PA

(215) 386-1120

     Mikela Tallman, MA

 I am sad to report that Mikela has passed away. I hope to post her replacements name here soon - Nick 9-9-04

Glenn Rock PA


Rhode Island


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

David Medeiros, LICSW Craik

2845 Post Road
Warwick, RI 02886

Building, Suite 307

(401) 739-4604



North Carolina


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Jerrold E. Hammond, M.D.

314 Grove Street
Charleston, SC 29403

(843) 722-2883


Thomas J. Portney, MA, LICSW  

11417 Georgia Ave, Suite C-29841
North Augusta, SC 803442-9410



South Dakota: No Listings



Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Saroj Chand Alternative Counseling Center
Therapist. Ms. Chand offers her services on a sliding scale, and usually does not turn people away due to lack of funds. Knoxville, TN
J George R. Brown, MD Department of Psychiatry,
Psychiatric/medical practice devoted to gender and sexuality concerns. SRS evaluation, hormone treatment. Uses Harry Benjamin Standards. Mountain Home VAMC, Johnson City TN 37684 (615) 926-1177 ext. 7709




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Sylva D. Frock, PhD, Psychologist


I am a licensed genderqueer psychologist with 20 years of experience serving the LGBTQ individuals, specializing in anxiety, depression, trauma and concerns unique to our community. My style is collaborative and focused on assisting individuals in creating the life they desire. I can provide referral letters and support as you explore your gender identity and navigate the transition process, including assisting with relationship or family concerns. I also work with parents/family members of gender variant individuals/children. I am available in office and for web-based video and telephone consultation, can provide you with a receipt for out-of-network benefits and offer a sliding-scale fee.
630 E. Southlake Blvd, Suite 135
Southlake, TX 76902
Phone: (214) 729-9797



Feleshia Porter, M.S., LPC

  3530 Forest Lane #188 * Dallas, Texas 75234

Her cell (214)-454-8144
Her work (214)-904-8222

 Jill Rader, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow and Supervisee of Claudia Byrne, Ph.D.




Dr. Rader is a gender and sexuality specialist whose work has been
published in such national publications as Women & Therapy and The Counseling
Psychologist. She takes a feminist approach to psychotherapy and is validating of all
lifestyles, including transgender, queer, BDSM, and polyamorous. She offers sliding scale
fees and is available on weekends.

She also offers some sliding scale fees, dependent upon income.

7004 Bee Caves Road, Austin, TX 78746 512.698.5529



Transformations Psychotherapy Services
Katy Koonce, LMSW


3625 Manchaca, Suite 103
Austin, TX 78704 (512) 329-6699

Gender Center Of The Southwest Transitions Medical and Counseling Associates


Dr. Carpenter D.O. Dr. Michael Noss D.O. Denise Morris Executive Director Offering complete, cost effective service for the gender community. Serving Gender Dysphoric, TV, TS, and the gender curious. Services include: Psychiatric evaluation, Gender Dysphoria counseling, Endocrine treatment (hormones), Individual and Family counseling, Pre and Post op physical exams, Full Medical treatment, Complete Laboratory services, Surgical referrals & Legal Liaison 3626 North Hall St. Suite 623
Dallas, TX 75205 (214) 528-8901Fax (214) 528-8902
Rosenberg Clinic Gender Treatment Program

Formerly the Gender Clinic, University of Texas Medical Branch. Since the mid ' 70s professional services rendered to the transgendered community throughout the Southern U.S. Subscribe to the Standards of Care. Support group meetings held so new and old clients can meet and share experiences. Treatment services are available to those not specifically seeking surgical intervention. 1103 Rosenberg
Galveston, Texas 77550 (409) 763-0016

Judith L. Allen, Ph.D. - LPC, LMFT 


Gender and transsexual issues. Supportive therapy through internet counseling, eTherapy and Therapeutic Chat.  Help in finding face to face resources for continued group therapy, diagnostic assessments, hormone replacement therapy, and sexual reassignment surgery.  A Primary source to help guide people through the maze of resources and information available in the United States

Gender and transsexual issues. Supportive therapy through internet counseling, eTherapy and Therapeutic Chat.  Help in finding face to face resources for continued group therapy, diagnostic assessments, hormone replacement therapy, and sexual reassignment surgery.  A Primary source to help guide people through the maze of resources and information available in the United States. Affordable Online Treatment:  

TherapyAveNetwork - Online Service Since 1997- Psychotherapist Since 1980
Treatment and Referrals: Internet e-Therapy/Chat . Office-Based Hypnotherapy  Private psychological help through eTherapy and Chat Sometimes life feels broken. Find a Licensed Therapist  A way to find answers to the problems of adult life Low fee Therapy/Chat and Resources for Deaf Adults

Dr. Eileen Smith, M.D.


Quite experienced dealing with the TS/TG community.

3300 Oakwell Farms
San Antonio, TX (210) 829-1994.




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information


New! Sept 2013

Kai Martinez
Licensed Clinical Social Worker






I have over 18 years providing trans-affirmative therapy services.

I'm a trans-affirmative therapist who has extensive knowledge about trans issues and I have worked with individuals, as well as couples, family members and friends of trans people. Interestingly, I'm one of the first therapist in Utah to first provide counseling to the transgender community (now there are many therapist and that is a good thing because it gives people options).

 I myself transcend gender.

 Fee for service (I do not take insurance) - Sliding scale available

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah (email or call for exact address) 801-556-7762

Dr. Will Higashi

  4667 South 2330 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84117 (801) 277-8025
Dr. Daniel Rapp

   1414 East 4500 South Holliday, Suite 4
Salt Lake City, UT 84117





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Lee M. Faver, PhD ABPP


Im a licensed and board certified psychologist with expertise in sexuality, orientation, gender, couple therapy, health related problems among other areas of interest.

Individual and Couple Therapy
16+ years of age  (site active but also being completely revised now)

William B. Nash, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist-Doctorate Cedar Brook Associates


Specializing in all sexual issues including gender issues. Gay/ Lesbian affirmative. Assisting individuals considering and undergoing gender transformation, bi-sexuals and others with related issues. Supportive, affirming and professional services
Williston, VT (802) 879-5333 





Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Chris Morse McClure
M.A., Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, 1991
Licensed Professional Counselor

7230 Heritage Village Plaza #202
Gainesville, VA 20155

(703) 754-0636

Thomas Coughlin, LPC, NCC Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples. My specialties include working with people
dealing with Gender Identity &
Transgender issues. I am a trans-identified myself. Licensed Professional Counselor in Washington, DC. National Certified Counselor. Master in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University (2008)

I offer a sliding fee scale



1633 Q St. NW
Suite 210
Washington, DC 20009



Michael G. Tancyus, L.C.S.W.

  57 South Main Street Suite 615Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 (540) 574-6063


Martha L. Harris, LCSW Banyan Counseling Center, Inc


Martha is an EXCELLENT person to deal with!  I've done many outreach presentations with her at the APA and on college campuses. (Thank you, Alex Fox, for this listing!!!)  1007 King Street
Alexandria, VA  22314 (571) 431-0900

Center For Gender Reassignment


Center for persons seeking permanent gender reassignment and SRS. Gender transition program meets Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. Through screening by staff of medical and gender professionals. An 18-month period of successful cross-living and a minimum of six months hormone therapy is required prior to consideration for surgery.  (804) 622-9900
Counseling For Relationships Rusty Lynn, BD, MSW, LCSW,

Counseling for transgendered persons 225 E. Broad Street
Falls Church VA 22046(703) 532-8723
Pamela E. Marcus, RN, MS, CS-P



Her specialties are in gender issues, suicide, and childhood sexual abuse survivors.  14460 Old Mill Road, Suite 201
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 (301) 952-9286  

Dr. Christine Y. Henny, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

She has an office in Washington DC and in Bethesda, Maryland. She works with all kinds of people including TG and Lesbigay folk from DC, MD and VA
1226 31st Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20007 (202) 333-8311
Dr. Sam Wyman

Work with the transgendered as well as other individuals. Individual, couples, and career counseling.... Arlington, VA (703) 276-9355
Ellen R. Warren, LCSW

Affirmative counseling and support for transition and family / relationship issues. Experienced therapist working from a humanistic, supportive point of view. Help with all concerns: transition, personal, family, career. Individual, couple and family counseling.  1500 King St. Ste 302,
Alexandria, VA 22314 (703) 683-0710



Washington State


Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

Kate Stewart Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Seattle. Pending LMHCA license.

Offers a sliding scale fee

Downtown Seattle

1800 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 669-4912



Jude Patton CMHC, CMFT, PA-C The T Group

PA-C Psychiatry
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

 Shifa Health
1103 Cleveland Avenue
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Phone: 360-336-6868
FAX: 360-336-6866



 Robin Singer (MA pending)


My name is Robin Singer--I am a therapist in Seattle focusing on the
FtM population. I offer a sliding fee scale in my private practice on
lower Queen Anne.
18 W. Mercer St., STE 150

Seattle. WA 98119


The Ingersoll Gender Center

Ingersoll Gender Center is a non-profit counseling and referral service for the transsexual community in the Northwest. It is managed by a professional board and has eight experienced, licensed therapists with advanced degrees on contract. Ingersoll works closely with the Emerald City and Seattle Counseling Service. Individual and group counseling, consultation to service providers, referrals, research, public information. Weekly support meetings, public information presentations, research, and informational materials upon request. 1812 East Madison
Seattle, Washington 98122 (206) 329-6651
K.K. "Robby" Robbins

There is an answering machine where you can leave a message for her to return your call. (509) 880-8111.
Psychcare Northwest Center For Sexual Health Jude Patton, CMFT, PA-C
Program offers counseling services, psychiatric evaluation and treatment, psychometric testing, medication management in a warm, caring and supportive professional environment. 2150 North 107th Street, Suite 200
Seattle, Washington 98133 (206) 362-4141
Asbell Professional Group
Dr. Laura Asbell, Ph.D., Psychologist
Dr. Connie Raybuck, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
The primary doctors are Dr. Asbell and Dr. Raybuck. They also have an MA who works with them and all three "specialize" in working with transsexuals, according to the state registry. South 140 Arthur, Suite 690
Spokane, WA 99202-2220 (509) 534-1731 Fax (509) 535-7073

West Virginia: No Listings




Information/Personal Notes

Contact Information

 Mark J. Mohapp, LCSW, CSAC
Graduated from Jane Addams School of Social Work/University of IL at Chicago
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both IL and WI
Certified Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor
Certified Supervisory Level
International Reciprocity Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor
member of the National Association of Social Workers

Offers a Sliding Scale Fee


415 Broad Street, Suite 204A
Lake Geneva, WI 53147-1800


Dr. Linda Wetherbe
Theraputic Services - Gender issues. Works with Gender related issues on an Individual, Group or Partner Basis. Located in the Northeastern IL area and is easily accessible to Southeastern Wi Residents. By Appointment only. (847) 223-6123
Milwaukee Transgender Program Pathways Counseling Center
A therapy program for M-F and F-M transgendered people. A complete program of emotional support, evaluation, psychotherapy, hormone therapy and reassignment surgeries. Follows the Harry Benjamin Standards. Contact Gretchen Fincke or Roger Northway. 2645 N. Mayfair Road,
Ste 230, First Financial Building.
Milwaukee WI 53226-1304 (414) 774-4111
Lynelle Brantner Alexander, M.S.W.
Psychotherapist, specializing in Relationships, Sexual Identity, Gender, Self Image, and Disabilities. Sliding fee scale. Milwaukee, WI (414) 777-3936


Wyoming: No Listings to date

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